About us

Our business began as two separate property portfolios, the one run by the Cendrowski Family since 1998 and the other run by the Marks Family since 2000.

In 2009, the Cendrowski and Marks Families joined forces to create a new property portfolio which would be predominantly retail based. Over the years, the business has evolved, through acquisition and redevelopment, into a predominantly family-run quality income-generating South African property business with 28 properties, which have primarily long-term leases at market-related rentals and a diverse tenant base.

It is hoped that the Listing will provide the Company with access to more attractive debt funding terms and acquisition opportunities, including through use of the Company’s Shares as future acquisition currency and for future capital raising opportunities.

The Company’s investment strategy is focused on the acquisition of predominantly retail properties which are capable of either “value-addition”, distribution enhancement, or both, resulting in value enhancement for Shareholders.

Retail Property